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Useful info for all you Minmatar pilots out there

So the other day I was looking around some forums and I stumbled across the useful image above when they discussed ammo types and ranges for Minmatar. I am tempted at some point to do something similar with Crystals and hybrid ammo but as a scale wasn’t added to this image I might just make the new ones from scratch. At some point though…

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Deep Space Stories Pt.1

Ok first off apologies for dreadfully late update, I’ve had man flu. It is a very dangerous condition that only afflict men.. It is not to be trifled with. And unfortunately no matter how many drugs you take or to which jump clone you jump to.. It’s always there.

So whilst I have spent some time in my Scorpion’s medical facility I have decided to see what my crew has been up to back in my home null sec system. You see we have a POS there, and quite a few of the local pilots leave their crew there as well. The POS is unfortunately or fortunately named Die Tittenbar. You can use your translation service of choice to figure that one out.

Now this can be a rather questionable establishment but a good place for crew to swap stories none the less. And it seems my crew has been up to some story telling to some of the newer vessels that have docked in the POS. Especially to some of the crew of some capsuleer that can’t afford the veteran types.

So here is one of the logs I pulled from my crew..

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

New Crewmember : So what other dangers do I have to look out for other than keeping an ear to the intel broadcasts?

Veteran Crewmember: Well I guess you already know about the veld-bats around these asteroid belts..

New Crewmember: Er…. Veld-bats ? I’ve never seen them before whilst we have ratted in lowsec before..

Veteran Crewmember: That’s because it’s too crowded in lowsec, out here in the deep and dark they like to hide in the asteroids, waiting to hear the sound of fighting. Next thing you know your ship is covered by a few of them and your warp drive doesn’t want to engage and your sensors go dark. It’s not a pretty sight but they typically stay away from battlecruiser class and larger. Anything smaller and you risk being stuck in a belt being gnawed on by a veld-bat.. *shivers*

New Crewmember: Right…. What’s the best way to deal with them then?

Veteran Crewmember : Well it’s difficult to lock them really as they don’t show up easily on the scanners, but typically you can distract them with your drones. This is why if you go to a asteroid belt and you just see some random drones there, you now know it was because of a veld-bat attack. But the space squid ain’t so easy to deal with though…

New Crewmember: Wait, what.. … … space squid ? Now that can’t be real..

Veteran Crewmember: Oh yes, they aren’t so common as they use to be in the olden days, every now and then you see one flash by  on it’s own, they are very quick you see. They travel very rapidly some scientists even wanted to study them to see if we can get our ships to travel at subwarp without using so much cap in a microwarpdrive . But you have to watch out for them when they form a swarm. That’s when they become dangerous.

New Crewmember: Yeah right.. And when do they attack , when midnight strikes in space or something?

Veteran Crewmember: No no no, they swarm up when the system is quiet, and wait for you to run an anomoly, and when you least expect it they strike and rip the ship apart and then leave.

New Crewmember: Yeah right… I’ve never seen or heard of that before..

Veteran Crewmember : Of course you have, just  few talk about, you know its like the embarrassing stories where someone looses a really nice ship by “accident” running a normal anomaly. They just like to save their humility by saying it was the rats doing it, or they were drunk at the time. But you really know it was the space squid..

New Crewmember:O….k…. So there is a bit more to get use to around here then.

Veteran Crewmember : Then there is finally… the Deep Kraken…

  – – – – – – – – – – – –  End of Part 1 – – – – – – – – –

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Anomolies info for all you new people in nullsec / sov space

Recently I have heard this on TS a fair bit where people ask which anomolies they should run when out in our sov space.

And there is a rather handy guide which you can find here.

Or you can just read below to get the core of the information.

Anomalies are ranked in difficulty by 10 levels, these are:

  • (Faction) Burrow / Drone Collection (lowest)
  • (Faction) Hideaway / Drone Cluster
  • (Faction) Refuge / Drone Gathering
  • (Faction) Den / Drone Gathering
  • (Faction) Yard / Drone Surveillance
  • (Faction) Rally Point / Drone Menagerie
  • (Faction) Port / Drone Herd
  • (Faction) Hub / Drone Squad
  • (Faction) Haven / Drone Patrol
  • (Faction) Sanctum / Drone Horde (hardest)

A particular anomaly may be further sub-divided into 3 more categories:

  • Blood Raider Hidden Hub (easiest)
  • Blood Raider Forsaken Hub
  • Blood Raider Forlorn Hub (hardest)

The one other important thing to note is that Havens have a chance to give you a faction spawn as part of the final spawn of the anomoly. It also has a very small chance  of escalting to a 10/10 plex however I have yet to see this personally. But I will let you know as soon as I do.

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Checking in

It is always a fun event when I jump clone back to Rens without prior warning. I stroll into my hangar bay usually disguised as a tourist wanting to admire the many ships flown by the multitude of capsuleers that call Moon 8 their home.

I try to trick the militants that I employ by trying to see how close they will allow me to get to the ships and the many large containers that lay about. Although I do have to end up being careful to call them guards, as the Brutor tribe often have mercenary missions on offer to round up unsavoury militants. Personally I try to take the time to see if any of them have potential. They also work for far less isk which happens to be a nice perk if they think of you as a saviour rather than an executioner.

I nudge closer and closer until the point one of them starts to approach me. I nudge closer still and he eventually calls out for me to stop and not get any closer. I freeze for a moment pretending to look nervous whilst actually trying to hold back a smirk. I nudge even closer this time with a much larger elaborate step. He now escalates by grabbing me by my arm in an attempt to drag me away.

As he drags me away from the ship I make sure to conceal my face as I put on a fake old man’s voice and start to mumble that this is my ship and that I have killed many a great space wombat with it. I continue with utterings that I would like nothing more to get back in my ship to fight the mighty fight against the mighty veld worms that plague asteroid belts..

He kept his tongue and kept dragging me along with ease, which he should have as he was about twice my size. Just as we got to the hangar entrance and me loosing the feeling of ground beneath my feet as he lifted I knocked back the hood to reveal who I was.

He paused and said only one word whilst holding me in the air by my shoulders..  “Jackass”

I replied with “Pansy..”

Regrettably he went through with it and threw me onto the cold hard steel of the hangar floor.

Personal note, Gunther will call my bluff but then again that’s why I hired him for hanger guard duty.

Now onto see if the janitor has actually kept my Scorpion clean as I do so enjoy sleeping in it since the Caldari engineers decided to redesign the horrible old thing. I might also check to see what the crew is up to back in nullsec…

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Troubles of finding crew

It’s hard work trying to recruit reliable crew as a capsuleer, actually it’s hard to recruit any crew as a capsuleer let alone a good one. Even though there are many perks and the pay is very good, death still remains to be the big “holding back” factor. And trying to reassure them that you have specially modified your ship to have enough escape pods for everyone doesn’t always cut it. Because let’s face it who wants to end up in a civilian escape pod which is little less than a box with life support in the middle of potential hostile space?

Unfortunately for “normal” people they can’t afford to undergo the fortunate process of becoming a capsuleer. Whether that is a blessing or a curse isn’t really the depth of this captains log.

But it all comes down to having the right mix of people amongst your crew, not just from a cost perspective but also to keep you sane. 

Initially you need some good loyal crew only a handful that will be second in command of your ship so to speak, and typically people who you would trust not to write graffiti on your POD while your jacked in. Typically I would recommend people from a similar race as you, unless you got good charisma and social skills really and it’s just there so people can’t bring up “the war” or “the slavery” incident.

After that you can pick and mix according to suit, personally I like to have a few militants on board as well because you never know where you might need to end up docking in a hurry and well you never know who you might meet at a new bar in a new station.

Some of the other people I like to get are some scientists in a vain attempt to see if they can help me reduce the thermal output when overheating, however they always mumble something about the laws of thermodynamics and just because I have skill books doesn’t mean I can break them.

Now some other pilots like to get slave or even some exotic dancers… well that just goes down to personal taste and how long you plan to stay in a wormhole alone..

 Anyway I jump cloned back to empire and on the lookout for some fresh crew members..

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Useful tracking guide for new and old

Tracking Guide

A question or topic that often comes up from both new and old players is exactly how tracking and transversal works. Luckily there is a very good interactive guide that can be found here.

This is very useful for newer players to EVE and want to get to grips with why their turret abased ships struggle to hit small frigs in their level 2 or 3 missions. Some of us (e.g. me) typically fly caldari using missles and mainlycare about how fast a target is going for explosion velocity. So it can be a useful reminder for when I play with my taranis flying alt.

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Oh hello..

In true fashion of those that know me, my first blog post will be very helpful and informative.

Welcome to my new blog….

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